Danneel starring in Sandra Lynn’s official video for You Belong.


danneel ackles’ appearances » the roommate premiere

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Oh Misha



Danneel wasn’t in the whole video, but I have added 60 screencaps of her appearance in the video. You can view them in the gallery.


Exact match for Danneel’s dress at New Year’s 2013:

Name: Lauren Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve Sequin Lace Gown

Price: $220.00

Purchase: Via Macy’s

Note: Due to the poor picture quality, it is hard to deem this 100% an exact match, but it is fairly certain that it is the same dress. Take note of the small amount of sequins, deep V of the neck, and the slightly lighter colors on patches of the sleeves of the dress in the photo. Danneel appears to have rolled up the sleeves in the photo to accommodate her elbow-length black gloves.

How to find similar options: Try searching for v-neck sequin black gowns.